Where to Drink with the Fashionable Prague Society: Top 10 cocktail bars

We knew we needed to update the list of Prague’s most fashionable cocktail bars, but we also knew that the Top 5 wouldn’t cut it!  Of course, we have the old favourites with hockey players and roof top views, but we’ve added a few more speakeasy style bars, bars that take cash only and ones that have been winning international awards. So, grab some friends, dress to impress and enjoy the latest that the cocktail scene in Prague has to offer.

Cash Only

Cash Only Bar – where low lights, cash only and fantastic cocktails combine. Photo Credit: Cash Only Bar Facebook Page

Cash Only Bar– The almost twin sister bar to the notorious “Hemingway’s”

The sister bar to Hemingway’s, Cash Only Bar maintains the same level of class and sophistication – and most importantly mixology-  but it’s a much more relaxed place where you can kick your shoes off. When Hemingway’s is full to the brim or when you want a fully non-smoking bar, Cash Only is the next best thing. Enjoy live music and bar snacks as you sip on mixology magic and are waited on by bartenders who have memorised the cocktail dictionary and are eager to whip up anything that you can imagine.  Prices are similar to Hemingway’s so if you go in thinking this might be a cheap joint I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed. More importantly the bar is, as it’s name would say, is cash only.

L'Fleur Cocktail Bar

L’Fleur Cocktail Bar Photo Credit: George Nemec from L’Fleur Bar Facebook Page

LFleur Bar – A Menu To Get Lost In

L’ Fleur is located at the bottom of the heaving party street Dlouha and is located more or less next to Tretter’s Bar (a favourite place to watch celebs and hockey players). The updated space, which has been everything from a retail store front to multiple failed bars seems to have found a winner with furnished leather tufted booths and a set up that encourages intimate conversation. Choosing a drink that suits your fancy isn’t a problem, as their menu is a lengthy 27 pages long. If they don’t have what you are looking for one of their bartenders is sure to know it.If the alcohol gods created it, L’Fluer probably has it.

public interest

Public Interest where the fashionable crowd comes for relaxed cocktails  / Photo Credit: Public Interest Facebook Page

Public Interest– For counter-culture cocktails

Public Interest, with its grungy, industrial, and counter-culture vibe draws artists, writers, and other creatives; mainly those that work in the fashion and pr industry. The place is incredibly small and the music is pretty terribly – especially for a place that oozes cool and makes some pretty fine cocktails. It’s non-smoking however and if you can make a reservation and get a seat, the bar is absolutely worth a trip. Enjoy cocktails from 170-350 Kč.

elbow room bar

A signature cocktail from Prague 7’s Elbow Room. Photo Credit: Elbow Room Facebook Page

Elbow Room – Prohibition Never Felt So  Good

If you can manage to talk yourself , or friends, to heading over the bridge you’ll encounter this prohibition themed bar. A ubiquitous staple in cities like London and Paris, Elbow Room is making a name for itself under the glow of green lights. Order a “lime in the coconut” and shake it all up in Letna’s hottest new bar, trending as #1 on foursquare since their opening in January. A quote from their “classics” menu pretty much sums it up: “Love makes the world go round? Not at all. Whisky makes it go round twice as fast.”

prolog bar

Prolog Exceptional Cocktail Bar – Posh cocktails in Prague 5. Photo Credit: Prolog Exceptional Cocktail Bar Website

Prolog: The Exceptional Cocktail Bar– The glitzy cocktail bar you’ve been dreaming of

Prolog bar is basically a synonym for posh, though located across from the Andel metro station may seem otherwise. With twinkling lights, leather tufted bar stools and gold accents, this bar looks more at home in Mayfair than in Prague, but we love it all the same. Enjoy the low banter of a bar setting while sipping on one of their 21 signature cocktails- I plan to try every single one of them before my dying day. If you are feeling a bit risqué, try one of their seven deadly sins cocktail: Wrath, Greed, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Sloth or Pride. The cocktails are truly a craft, with pristine execution and dainty garnishes atop. Prices ranging from 85Kč to 395 Kč.

anonymous bar

Anonymous Bar, where drinking is an adventure. Photo Credit: Anonymous Facebook Page

Anonymous Bar– “Give a man a mask, and he will show you his true face”- Guy Fox

Take an adventure to the unknown and unlock the secretes behind Guy Fox through undisclosed menus and hidden messages. In fact, reading the menus becomes an adventure in itself from black light only menus, menus that require a magnifying glass and randomly a View-Master menu that unlocks the secret ingredients.The drinks are extravagant and come staged in ways that you can’t imagine: in grenades, in circus themed toys, or an IV drip bag. Making a reservation is crucial, as this is something that everyone wants to experience.


Cloud 9 Sky Bar & Lounge- a view from the top Photo Credit: Cloud 9 Sky Bar & Lounge Official Facebook Page

Cloud 9 Sky Bar & Lounge- Drinking under the Stars

Located at the top of the Hilton Hotel, Cloud 9 offers rooftop views, plush sofas, and a DJ spinning tracks long into the night- it’s the perfect starting point before heading into town. Order a refreshing Mojito on the terrace, overlooking a drop dead view, while being surrounded by men sporting the latest fashion trends, waxing poetically into a woman’s ear. While it may be a bit of a trek away from the city centre, this chic rooftop bar is worth it. Signature Cocktails are 170CZK while others range from 120-200CZK respectively.


Tretter’s Bar – where things never change. Photo Credit: Tretter’s Bar Facebook Page

Tretter’s Bar – Cajole with hockey players, celebs and wanna’be fashion models

It’s the swank hang out for high-worth individuals and professional sports players. Don’t be surprised to see Czech celebs and your favourite Czech hockey players at this bar, smoking cigars and drinking cocktails in the off season. The bar staff is well versed in cocktails which means if you want it, and it’s obscure, they can probably make it. Prices are similar to cloud 9, but with an ambience based around Paris in the thirties rather than a modern, skyline view.

black angels

Black Angel’s Bar – the poshest speakeasy outside of the 1920s. Photo Credit: Black Angle’s Bar Facebook Page

Black Angel’s Bar-  Speakeasy in Old Town

Slip back to a time when cocktails were served in their correct glasses with hand-made ice cubes and bartenders had more than just charming good looks. Named one of the Best 50 Bars in the World by the Sunday Times, it is still a favourite for the local crowd- though tourists have caught on. During the weekend there is a piano player and singer who serenade the Gatsbyesque crowd with her sultry voice and his bygone era tunes. Everything about Black Angel’s- the chandeliers, the tables, the menus are chic.  It looks pretentious, but with prices that are affordable for all, it’s one of the best deals in the city.

bugy's bar

Bugy’s Bar – the original fashionable crowd hangout Photo Credit: Bugy’s Bar Facebook Page

Bugy’s Bar – An American-Style Cocktail Bar with Czech Flare

When the fashion events end, this is where the editors and beautiful people go. Models, editors of fashion magazines, and celebrities all venture to this small space to drink fanciful cocktails and sip foreign wine. It’s the bar that introduced the mojito to the Czech public and was ranked as one of the best cocktail bars by Newsweek International. Cocktailicious (delicious cocktails made by Bugsy’s) prices start at around 135CZK for short drinks, Sake Cocktails around 160-190CZK.

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