The Woman Behind the Fashion Truck


fashion truck

Words: Madeline Chestnut

Photos: The Fashion Truck Prague Facebook page

Heather Horton is bringing a new idea and approach to the ever growing world of Czech fashion.

The Fashion Truck, was born and inspired by a recent trip to Miami, Florida where she saw an entire street lined with trucks moonlighting as mobile boutiques.


Upon moving to Prague, Heather travelled to Switzerland using most of her savings to purchase a vintage Mercedes fire truck and make the mobile boutique a reality. As are most Kafkaesque stories, the truck repeatedly broke down before making it out of the city limits of Geneva and it was then that the truck in question was towed back to Prague.


After what we can only assume would have been a lot of terse words said to the Mercedes, Heather has managed to create a car that not only works, but is a true boutique on wheels. There are hard wood floors, funky wallpaper, curtains, a fitting room and believe it or not, you can actually stand in the truck and browse the selection of clothing available on hangers.


The truck opened its back doors for business in June at the Náplavka market and Heather is hoping to find a permanent spot there every week where you can find, “conservative clothing with a quirk.” Price points for her imported and hand-made garments are 500czk for shirts to 1000 czk for jackets and dresses.


The future goal for The Fashion Truck Prague is to have a home base in Prague, while continuing to travel to neighbouring European cities once a month. Eventually, Heather hopes to open a standing boutique in the city centre while maintain the life of the truck on the side.


You can catch The Fashion Truck Prague August 18-19 at the Pilsen Fashion Days market in Pilsen, Czech Republic. Follow her on Facebook and check out her online store for more information.

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